I’d like to introduce myself

I think the act of introducing oneself is a brave one.  It means all attention is on you.  I always hated those moments in school or starting a new course where I was asked to say my name, where I am from and why I am here.  My fear being that I had to say something incredibly witty and brilliant, or deep and meaningful (it all depended on the course that I was taking.)  Nothing witty or brilliant or deep and meaningful ever showed so I usually got pretty simple and resorted to just telling the truth.  “My name is Lyn, I am from Australia (or Melbourne, if I was living in Australia), and I am here to learn about xxxx”.

Straight forward, to the point….Honest!

So, here is my introduction.  I’ll try to be clever and engaging but in the end, I’ll just tell the truth.

My name is Lyn.  I am from Australia, and I currently live in Connecticut, USA.  I say currently because I always think that there will be  a time where I won’t currently live here and that I’ll eventually, ‘currently’ be living somewhere else.  But, currently, it’s been 11 years of me living here in Connectitut.

I work in the, as some say, ‘alternative healing’ industry as a Yoga teacher and I massage.  I’ve never felt comfortable being in an ‘industry’ since it’s so easy to stereotype.  When people meet me they often say ‘you’re not very yogic are you?’  “You mean the metaphor speaking, we’re all one, breath like a rose blossoming, sing-song voice type of yogic?”  No actually, you can feel safe knowing that when you’re in my yoga class I won’t ask you to soften like mashed potato or float your chest up like a snowflake.  I will, however, tell you take your right shoulder blade back, or engage your thighs more or even, more simply, ‘lower over straight legs’ .  My teacher told me that being straight forward and directional was the best way to get people to move in a healthy way.  Who knew yoga was so NOT fluffy?  Thank f@#king Shiva!

Besides yoga and massage, I’ve studied Hypnosis, herbal medicine, natural perfumery and often make my own skin care products.  I have worked in high end fabrics, running the US operation of a global textile company, I have sold sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut, worked in the kitchen of a B& B in Spain.  I was a chauffeur in London for 6 weeks, I’ve also been a Nanny.  I’ve been a bartender, a waitress and a host, packed boxes in a chicken factory in the dead of winter in the south of England, dressed as a clown for kids parties at a fast food joint, entered data in a document security warehouse,  worked the phones as a telemarketer and even considered a stint as a phone sex worker but realized I would probably laugh too much.

I don’t claim any labels for myself – that’s for you to do.  I am simply living my life as I please, making choices that are often fueled by curiosity rather than a set of governed rules laid out by a system.  I choose awareness and responsibility and I want the people around me to do the same.

I have always had a curiosity of things that sit outside the ‘box’, a kind of middle finger salute to what everyone else was doing because that all seemed obvious.  How could I be different if everyone else was doing the same?  However, I abhor cliche’s and cliques so I’ve never immersed myself totally in any one system.  Some may call it lack of commitment, I just call it moderation.

I have always been interested in alternative healing and metaphysical conversations however, I don’t listen to the sound of waves crashing on the shore line while burning incense, they both make me nauseous.  I eat meat and I go for long periods without eating meat, but wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian during them.  I do eat quinoa and millet and kamut and drink almond milk and green tea, but I’ve also been known to down 1/2 a sausage pizza, a 6 pack and a bottle of wine!  A night at a cocktail bar drinking with my sexy friends often inspires me to keep remembering that life is great.

I have a life coach, I have been in therapy, I do read self-help books and they are often followed by a finance book.  I attend self help courses.  I don’t have a strong desire to own an animal, but I do love them.  I have done a 5 day cleanse and thought it was the silliest thing I had done, not because the cleanse was silly but because I kicked if off with a hangover!

I write in a journal, I take creative courses, I like music festivals and I hate patchouli and tie-dye, but I’ve showered with naked hippies in yurts- I just like the music.

I am not looking for enlightenment, but I do want to stay lit up.  I meditate and that helps.  I am not interested in emptying my life of things but of creating healthier relationships around things.  I gravitate toward honest people; the kind that tell lies and then quickly tell the truth because we all lie, it’s just a question of how brave you are going to be to tell the truth.

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

I believe in the power of the human body and it’s incredible intelligence, and I also respect the astonishing and multifarious aspects of the human mind – a mind we are still evolving, a mind with which we have developed an astounding array of therapies to aid our bodies and minds to extend our lives as we have so far.  I will always go the most natural route when it comes to my health – but I am not dogmatic about it.  I take Advil too!

I am clear that I am going to die at some point – I am not fighting that, but I believe that I can shape the quality of my life, and so I continue to work at that.  I believe that I will age too – and while I can’t admit to not wanting to fight it I am clear that those who do, look like they do – so I practice yoga.  I believe it is the best anti-ageing technique there is.

So.  Hi.  My name is Lyn, I am from Australia but live in the U.S.  I am here because I want to share my knowledge, and that of my friends, to explore more information about natural healing – or alternative therapies.  I am here because I want to keep the frequency of my conversation elevated to that of possibilities and awareness and truth and dreams and imagination and life adventures and ridiculous joy.  I want to to debunk the myths that alternative therapy is for a ‘certain type’.  Most importantly, I want people to understand that there is always an alternative to where you stand, we always have choice and the power of choice is knowledge.

Grab a cup of green tea (with a shot of whiskey) and let’s get chanting….er chatting!

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