Find your Yoga teacher

“No offense to you, but it just seems like everyone is a fucking yoga teacher these days.  Like it hit some trend and people rushed out to get their “cool” teacher training certificate and now there is a goddamn yoga studio on every corner.  To be honest, I really want to do it – but FARK it’s boring.  Last time we tried, I wanted to slit my wrists and I looked over at A (her husband) and he was snoring!”

My no-nonsense, salt of the earth best friend since birth B.  In my American world of a lot of “Oh MY GAHD’s” and sticky sweet positivity, her candor is like an icy cold beer on a hot Australian summer day (at the beach).  It re-calibrates my heart.

No doubt there is a LOT OF FREAKING BORING yoga out there.  For some.  This is what you need to know – there is a no one system of yoga.  The word yoga simply means “union” – and it’s the teacher who yolks it all together.  Going to one boring yoga class and saying you tried yoga it is like hearing a Celine Dion song and saying you heard music and would rather watch the teenage sex tape your parents made in high school, than ever hear music again.

As yoga teachers, we have a library of poses, meditation techniques, breathing techniques and life experiences.  How we put them all together creates the experience that you have.  A yoga class that speaks to you is all about the teacher you find, and then about how you choose to engage in the experience.

My friend Aubrey, a yoga teacher in New York City – has been taking classes for the last year and a half looking to find her teacher.  She has been from bad class, to mediocre class to another bad class all in search of the teacher that is going to Teach Her.  She finally found  him this week; Jon Keller who teaches at Equinox Gym in NYC.

My own journey to yoga took me from Kundalini to Bikram and finally to Vinyasa at Saraswati’s Yoga Studio in Norwalk, CT.  It has been here, that I found my teachers…and my practice;

Donna Jackson

Tracy Bleier

and then eventually, Mitchel Bleier.

And it has changed the course of my life.

So.  I urge you to take a yogic journey and start to understand how we all have something to offer and one class might not be for you, but it might be for someone else, but it’s only a taste of what’s out there.  Start to get an understanding that yoga is just like any art, and if you want to find yourself with a practice take yourself out there and go searching for the artist that speaks to you.  I promise you’ll find what you’re looking for, just be patient.  This might be your very first lesson in the practice of yoga.

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