Love this body oil

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of treating Valerie Bennis to a massage.  She is the founder of the body care line Essence of Vali, a completely natural product line that I have fallen in love with.

As a massage therapist I look for products that are completely natural, use only 100% essential oils, are ethically made and enrich the quality of the skin.

I also believe that  a product line should reflect the soul of the person developing them, there is no doubt Vali is true to the foundation of her product.

They have amazing customer service, are completely made in New York, the price is on point and the product is freaking awesome.  Use as a body oil in, or after the shower, in the bath or with a massage.  A little tip if you’re using in the shower; put a small amount in your hand, add a bit of salt and use as a body scrub.

She has a product line for sleep and various other conditions.  Divine!

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