Chloro-phyll my body with the good guys

I am currently visiting my family in Australia.  I am happy.  Happiness always makes me feel healthy.  My friend has this cute little maxim about laughter – the hard core, funny faced, uncontrollable kind – she always says “I am laughing so hard, I can literally feel the good guys beating the bad guys in me”….obviously from the adage ‘laughter is the best kind of medicine’.  I concur.

Outside of a good orgasm and a damn good cry (the same funny faces used in the belly laugh and the orgasm most likely – interesting.) – laughter always heals.

It’s a hot day today in Melbourne, hot and windy, it’s the “Northerley’s”  the locals say referring to hot winds that come from the North.  It is the exact opposite end of the spectrum of weather I was in 2 weeks ago; sub-zero, freezing, icy, damp.  I was in Connecticut, USA.

This has wreaked havoc on my immune system.  I need a lot of laughter.

I am home to spend some with my family and catch up with some friends.  I am always impressed with how progressive and interested Australians are with Natural Medicine and healing.  Herbs and tinctures and serums and teas; they’re so easily available and people don’t generally use Wikipedia to find out what a Naturopath is.  My grandmother is staying with my mother at the moment too – and she is a devout believer in natural healing.

Having spent years in and out of hospitals for sinus infections which required lots of medicines which led to other ailments which led to other medicines when then led to other ailments which then led to other medicines and so on and on – she was well and truly on the wheel and burning out.  She gave it all up and started doing her own research and trying to listen to her own body to notice how it worked.

She suffers various things, including fibromyalgia and sinus pain on occasion (despite many surgeries) but has given up all the medicines she has been prescribed and works the herbs a little more.  She is currently having great success with Chlorohphyll.  I was curious, so I checked it out.  Turns out it’s pretty bad ass.

It’s essentially a blood cleanser – helping to clear toxins out of the body which in turn works to clear the skin, eliminate bad breath, aids in digestion…all the things that, when things are a little ‘backed up’ in the body, turn a little rancid.  My Gran reckons she hasn’t had any of her symptoms in the last year since drinking this daily.

I’m game.  Below is the brand I am using – and a little video that you might find more interesting.


I would love to know if you have had any experiences with using Chlorophyll.

I am on Day 2, so I can’t honestly give any feedback, but I am having a few skin issues lately and sluggish feeling immune system – so I can measure that and report back.

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