Believing your instinct

This past Saturday night my friend E and I went a Dr. John concert at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street.  Joining the legendary New Orleans musician were the incredible; Soul Rebels Brass Band.  It was Mardi Gras weekend and New York wanted a piece of it (as does the rest of the world – isn’t it funny how we all steal each other’s biggest parties?).


E and I were looking for a night of music with some soul and came to find out that Dr. John and the NOLA entourage was playing.  It was the kind of rump shaking we’d been aching for, for the past week.  Tickets bought immediately.

On our way down to the show, E confesses that she has had this psychic/intuitive feeling that we are going to end up hanging out with the band.

“I don’t feel it with Dr. John, I don’t think it’s going to be him – I think it is going to be the Soul Rebels.  I really feel like this is going to happen”.

E discovered this past summer that she possesses a kind of psychic ability – or at least the ability to tap into her intuition and read people’s ‘soul’ – even a little bit of their future.  At first it was like this gift from the heavens was bestowed to her (which it is), then it became a little bit frustrating when she was trying to connect on the dating scene.  Some guys were a little freaked out by it but mostly they wanted more (she is also very beautiful too), but it’s hard to be challenged by mystery and intrigue when there really isn’t any!   However, what better way to attract a guy than to pay so much attention that you can literally read their life story?  But, actually – that’s exactly what she did, and does. Brilliant.

The irony in this for me is that I have seen many psychics in my life; I grew up with a mother who believed and my closest friend has the ability.  I quote the ones I have seen often, and am always astounded when their premonitions come true (and many do).  I am not shy to seek out someone who might give me an answer I can’t find myself.  But even after all this time, after consulting with many psychics who have been spot on – I am still skeptical when people tell me they have the ability – and not of them….of this power.  Worse still, when someone tells me they can see my ‘stuff’….and they’re usually right – it kinda pisses me off.

So, while I didn’t doubt E’s psychic abilities I would be lying if I didn’t think ‘oh, how cute of her – she’s getting a little excited to see the show’ while my outward response was; ‘Well, you never know – anything is possible!”

The night started with us getting a parking spot without circling a block – you know the universe is on your side when you find a parking spot easily in New York.  We kicked off with a cocktail at a little bar on Orchid St. with one of E’s friends and then moved on down the street to a little French diner; Zucco Le French Diner.

Turns out we stumbled upon quite the gem as it had been written up on the front page of the NY times that same day.  What for?  Their firm refusal to cater to customer’s palates, or diet requests.  It was a fun, interesting experience insomuch as I was answering the phone and knocking back customers who wanted reservations!  Highly recommend you take a visit, but just follow the owners cue – this isn’t about you.

Once we got to Le Poisson Rouge, we made a bee-line to the far corner of stage left, behind but close to the musicians. The first band was good, although I was constantly distracted by the zealous hair flinging of the female lead singer, and her turquoise 80’s prom style dress, to even remember the music or the name of the band.  I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, and there was a moment where I wanted to give her a slap to stop the convulsing and convince her the music was good enough!

Then came Dr. John.  Man that guy is cool.  His voice is so distinctive and his presence on stage is just magnetic.

About 30mins into the set, the crowd had thickened and it was hard to move.  We were close to the stage but our space was now dense with chests and elbows…white people dance a lot with their shoulders!  I wasn’t feeling it.  The music was great, that wasn’t the issue.

Perhaps it was the crowd, the location we were in, I don’t know but I had this strong desire to leave the venue completely.  I was torn between my obligation to stay and not miss an amazing performer or my instinct that was telling me I was going to make my connection somewhere else – at a bar around the corner.

I decided to believe my instinct and leave.   E was ok with that, despite her having the same reservations as me about staying, her feeling was stronger not to leave.

On my way out I was stopped by two handsome guys standing by the merchandise table, they were disappointed I was about leave and launched a two person campaign to get me to stay.  I was friendly and funny and generous with conversation, they were engaging and had me hooked pretty quickly, so I stayed talking to them.

Turns out, it was two members of the Soul Rebels – urging me to get my friend to put our stuff backstage and hang out with them.

I elbowed through the crowd to get E – found her and said “Grab your stuff because we’re hanging with the Soul Rebels’.

Her response: “of course we are”.

Don’t just listen to your instinct, believe it.

Side Note: I am now secretly (not so secret anymore) turned on by Tuba players…such a sexy instrument.

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