Another poem showed up!  Who knew?

It’s often subtle.

The movement toward happiness
The burning ember of regret
The slow descent of faith.
The way it moves a strand of hair with the wind.

A Long,
Deep, Breath.

Deeper than you know how to,
Into places that hurt.

Long enough to see beauty,
It might only seem ugly at first.

To the beat of your own heart
Keep that as the bass line of your life song.

In your world of possibilities,
where no limitations can survive.

Don’t just put a smile on your face
Like a bumper sticker,
Plant the smile seed in your heart, and let it grow from there.

Here is your life,
In these words as they move through you like thoughts,
You can turn a moment like the pages of a book,
But there is no next chapter, until you read this one.

So, take the book mark out,
dog ear the pages of your life instead,
The poignant prose you want to remember,
the line that stole your heart.

You mightn’t go back to it, but it’s on the shelf indexed for your nostalgia.

It’s subtle.
The whispered promise, spoken gently
So it doesn’t commit.

The way a landscape draws you in, expanding its horizons.

Live like that.
Stand, with all your possibilities before you –

an expanding landscape of your dreams.

March 2011.

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