Clouds = Heaven



I looked up at the sky today, as I do most days, sometimes for reflection, sometimes just to pass time and sometimes for answers.  Regardless of the reason, and despite it, I am never disappointed.

Today I looked up and the clouds were thick.  Thick and dense, with an illuminated edge.  As a child, reared in the catholic church, I imagined heaven was in the clouds and that, when I died, I would be gently lifted up and an neatly tucked away in a fluffy corner on heaven street.

I don’t believe in heaven any longer, at least not in the catholic sense – or that it only exists when I die – but today, in those clouds, I posited that, if it did exist – there it was.

Those clouds floating in the sky like big carnival cruise ships, carrying the souls of beautiful, happy people who had lived a life virtuous enough to be awarded access.

Clouds, bursting at the seams, fat and heavy with Love……and, quite possibly – a lot of boring, virtuous people!

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