Let the drummer kick!

You know that saying ‘Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem’?   Yeah – well, I got caught face to face with that little maxim the other night during a Citizen Cope show.

So, there I am in a small (maybe 200 person) dive bar in Amagansett, watching an acoustic set from Citizen Cope, with two of my girlfriends.

Now, I like CC, but I wouldn’t say I am ‘fan’ per se  – I like his music but I don’t know all of his songs, or all the words to the ones I do know.  I’m a soft fan, if you must.

Standing behind me were two wide necked, beefed up and, liquored up frat boys doing what frat boys do – drink shots and demand attention.  They pounded one foot with an incessant thump thump thump with so much force that I was lifted each time, clapped loud enough to burst an ear drum and continued to shout above the crowd “Let the drummer kick, Let the drummer kick.  We want the drummer”.

After about 1/2 hour of this, I snapped.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I turned to them, put my left had on the biggest guys left shoulder, looked him straight in the eye and with a calm and stern voice I said:  “Listen.  He’s playing an acoustic set, there are no drums.  There is no drummer, there is not going to be a drummer so, PLEASE.  Shut the f@*k up!”

A little stunned but staying cocky he replied:

“Thanks Mom”

And the pounding stopped.  Job complete I thought and I was feeling quite pleased with myself the ‘mom’ quote didn’t even rattle me.

In the meantime however, I was in the midst of a brief email exchange with a musician friend of mine – who happens to be a drummer – and I had mentioned we were at the cope show.  As we left the venue, driving to our next destination, his email response came through “I like cope, great guy.  LET THE DRUMMER KICK!!!!!”

Turns out the frat boys were requesting one of his most popular songs…..not an actual drummer!

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