For a long time I have believed that life runs in circles.  Not like the circle of life kind of circle, I simply believe that we are always given a second chance, or an opportunity to return.  Sometimes to right a wrong, sometimes to learn a lesson and sometimes to show us a different perspective.  Most often though, as a reminder that life is, in fact, good.  It wants to be.  I am reminded by this time and time again and always spontaneously.

Today was one of those ‘good’ circle days.  I spent it with one of my best friends.  The two of us recovering from the previous nights celebration for his upcoming 40th birthday.  Years ago we spent many days recovering from nights of gluttonous drinking, walking shamefully about the city in dark sunglasses, shooting the shit about music and British comedy shows.  In between fits of laughter we would dream up our futures while concocting ridiculous ‘what if’ scenarios and asking ‘would you rather’ questions.  No matter what, there was always a lot of laughing, he is still one of the funniest people I know.

Then, we started to make grown up decisions with grander, more solid commitments and our nights of ridiculous fun were had sparingly, sometimes not even within a calendar year.  Our dream futures hashed out in a hangover were now being lived, seriously.

It was one of those bitingly cold mornings today, and I didn’t get out of bed until after 11am.  The cold, however, made me feel like I was perpetually in the freshest part of day, all day.  He and I donned our sunglasses and jackets and made our way to the bakery downtown.  Over coffee and breakfast we rummaged through the seriousness of our life laundry, we folded up the past and we laid out the future.  We talked about music and quoted our favorite British comedy shows.  We concocted ‘what if’ scenarios and laughed at their absurdity and at our own willingness to quickly employ them as if they were already happening.  We do a lot of laughing at ourselves.

Well after we had finished eating and drinking, we walked back to his house and I sat at his kitchen counter.  We shared some poetry and shared music from each other’s ipod collection while sipping tea and while I ate a highly anticipated chocolate mars bar.

This felt familiar.

“Like old times” we both agreed.

Life coming back again and again to remind me that it is good.  Maybe it’s time to catch up with an old friend.  Return to something good.  I’ve said this before, relationships don’t run on time they’re only concerned with connection.

Our Soundtrack.

Bettye Lavette ~ Don’t let the sun go down on me

Lana Del Rey ~ Video Games

Phantogram ~ You are the ocean

Oscar + Martin ~ Recognize

Monika ~ Yes I do

Charlie Mars ~ Like a bird, like a plane

Gary Clark Jr. ~ When my train pulls in.

Cinematic Orchestra ~ To build a home

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