Your dream dragon

Two days ago I sat for tea with Cat Ianelli of Farm Couture Living (a gorgeous line of organic skin care made entirely from local, farm sourced ingredients.  Her Face Whip moisturizer is incredible), we were connecting after having met a month ago at a local art show I had put together at my yoga studio.

We conversed about life goals, about romance, about love lost and gained, about entrepreneurship and location woes… know, the usual.  It was an afternoon of, what I like to call, curly conversation.  It spiraled and wrapped around topics that were clearly important to us both and had moments of revelation that felt comforting.  I don’t deal well with bullshit talk.

There was was one thing she said to me, however, that had my head spinning a little bit.  “In Chinese astrology it’s the year of the dragon” said Cat “This is the year of positioning.  You want to be in the right position for your dreams to come true.”

Woah!!! Holy dragon shit, sister! I thought.  I felt an urgency I wasn’t prepared for – and I didn’t need the bathroom.

What position was I supposed to be in?  What was the RIGHT position for all of this dream making to come true?”

So, I went home and did what every worried dreamer would do.  I Googled, and I found this:
“The Dragon, however, is a reminder everyone has dreams, and that the time to pursue them is now.  Now is thus the time to take a chance, to reach for the proverbial brass ring, to not only dream but act on that impossible dream. The Dragon gives you the best chance to make it come true.”

and then this (see, Dragons really do make dreams come true):

After watching that I felt a little easier about Puff being my dream deity, frolicking in the Autumn mist.  However, the idea of being in the right position for Puff to breath the fire to light my dreams still had me wondering.  What does it mean to be in the right position?  How would I know?  Is there some direction I need to follow like “be on the corner of 6th and Bleeker and walk north, your dreams will follow”?  

I know enough to know that that would be too easy.  So, I restructured the question a little and then asked this of my students  in class last night:

“What side of your dreams are you on? Are you in front looking back at the ones you didn’t achieve?  Or, are you standing behind them looking forward and walking forward, believing you’ll reach them?

In other words, are you going for it?

Sometimes dreams feel so big that they seem impossible but we forget how small a step we first need to take.  My Life Coach always reminds me to take small, accessible steps “Breaking it down, and then breaking it down again” she says.

So.  If you have a dream holiday you want to go on, maybe the first step is to open a bank account to save for it and putting $5 in.

If you have a dream career, maybe the first step is to buy a book about it and read about the industry.  Or create an alert for your dream job over at a job hunting website.

If you have a dream to own your own business, maybe the first step you do is to register the name, or buy your online domain name.

If you have a dream of being an artist, maybe your first step is to buy a canvas from the art store or start saving for the course you want to take.

If you have a dream of being writer, maybe your first step is to write for yourself once a week.

If you have a dream, any dream, maybe your first step is to tell someone about it.  Or, if you’re not ready for that perhaps you simply write down the entire scenario on a piece of paper for yourself.   Describe what you look like, how you feel, who you’re with, how much money you’re making.  Maybe that alone is enough.

Whatever it is, take one step forward and make is easy.

We have created an amazing world of acquiring things quite easily and I wonder if we have created such ease with our everyday life that the important things seem too hard to achieve.  I think we have this ‘Subway’ society.  You stand at one end of the city with a desire to get to the other side.  You walk down a manhole, step onto a train, travel through this underground portal barely speaking with anyone and then end up exactly where you need to.  You had no need to participate in the process of getting there besides buying a ticket.

You had no need to overcome obstacles, or develop patience for people slowing you down, you had no need to really navigate and work with directions besides figuring 0ut your train line.  You didn’t feel the nuances of the weather or images of a changing sky.  You didn’t see the many expressions of people or colorful collection of shops and buildings.  You didn’t have to overcome distraction or deal with procrastination.

Maybe it’s these things that make our dreams so desirable, because to overcome them and experience them is where the actual sense of achievement is.  The achievement is in the process, no that gain.  Ah yes! The process.  We have lost the art of that too I think.

So, perhaps it’s time to get a little clearer on what it is you want to do and take just a little tiny step toward it but, hurry up, you only have about a week before the Chinese New Year (Jan 23rd!)  No rush – but get your ass into gear ’cause, if you don’t show up for your dreams “without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave, So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh!.

Or, as Mary Oliver says

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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