Sh#t people say to yoga teachers

“Do you do that hot yoga?”

“I run.  I know I should do yoga”

“I’m so stressed.  Would yoga be good for me?”

“Wow, you must be flexible?”

“I’m not flexible”

“I tried that yoga once”

“I do pilates”

“my doctor said I should do yoga”

“It’s too hot for me”

“It’s too slow for me”

“you must be so relaxed”

“do you do that hot yoga?”

“I do bikram”


“can you do the splits?”

“I’m afraid I’ll fall over”

“I have a shoulder injury”

“My hips are tight”

“I had this intense message in savasana”

“my hips feel so tight when I do the splits”

“what was that last song on your playlist?”


“Will yoga make me taller?”

“Is this a power yoga class?  Can we make it a bit slower?”

“This is my first time doing yoga ever, will I be ok in this open level?”

“Don’t touch me”

“Can you adjust me in pigeon”

“I have a shoulder injury can we only do standing poses”

“I have a shoulder injury, can you fix it?”

“That’s my juice.  I’m on a cleanse.”

“You eat meat?”

“You drink wine?”

“you must be so zen”



“I want to try that hot yoga”

please, teachers…..add more!

5 thoughts on “Sh#t people say to yoga teachers

  1. LOL!! Here are some more:
    Do you drink coffee?
    When will I start losing weight?
    Does this burn a lot of calories?
    How many times a week should I practise?
    Should I stop if it hurts?
    I’d love to do yoga because I’m so stressed – but I just don’t have time!
    Can men do yoga as well?
    Do I HAVE to say OM?
    (Have to stop myself now……)

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