Post Australia Day Hangover Playlist

Yesterday, at least yesterday in the United States, it was Australia Day – January 26th.  It’s a celebration in the same vein as Columbus Day – although not the official day of discovery by the Europeans, more like the moving in day – they day they got…er….took the keys from the natives (let’s not go there – another post, an opinion for a different kind of blog.)

In Australia this is one of the big celebrations….but thinking that, there really isn’t a celebration that Australians don’t go big.  I was doing a bit of googling to see what was being said about Australia Day, and how it’s described to those who aren’t Australian and all that kept coming up was “It’s a day where Australians come together to celebrate their great county by getting really drunk,  having BBQ’s and cities have fireworks.”

Ha Ha Ha!  Any and every holiday is celebrated exactly the same way, sans the fireworks.  Getting really drunk is very important to Australians (besides my parents – they don’t drink can you believe?) – and  having BBQ’s is a religion…..or maybe it’s the other way around.

I feel very lucky to have been born in Australia, to call myself an Australian to have Australian attitudes and perspectives.  Lucky to have acquired the taste of Vegemite early on.  I love that my country encourages travel and community and appreciates the outdoors and I love that it has affirmed itself as the ‘Lucky’ country.  Just like America has invested itself in being the land of opportunity, and it is very much a place of opportunity and monetary success,  we are invested in the Lucky.  There is something very powerful in affirmations!

So, to my hungover friends in Australia here is a playlist for you.  It’s on the gentle side, I used it in my yoga class.  For my American friends, here is a playlist of the lucky….some Australian artists you may, or may not have heard.

Damo, this if for you! (but not because of the lyrics, obviously ;))

And a big shout out to my two Amazing, creative, brave and bold Aussie singer songwriter friends blazing trails here in NY.

Karen Jacobsen

Nadia Ackerman

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