14 Days of Love: Day 1 ~ Poem: David Whyte. True Love

In 14 days, around 5pm there are going to be scores of men holding flowers.  Cars will be lined up alongside small, roadside stands announcing ‘Valentines Flowers Here’, 24hour convenience stores will be out of cheap chocolate – a few bags of Hershey’s kisses will lay along anemic looking metal shelves, as casualties in the war between supply and demand.  Bouquets of roses and tulips and Gerber Daisy’s will be clutched between hopeful palms, and I will not be able to get a seat at the bar of my local restaurant because it will be filled with those same hopeful palms which will be rested on a thigh, clutching at possibility.

Ah, Valentines Day!  Only once have I done the prescribed ‘get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant on a fancy date with a boyfriend and celebrate our love.’  The then boyfriend and I decided it wasn’t for us – we both felt like we were being phony and, to be honest, we were.

However, I do love the notion of the day.  The idea that, as a collective, we get to celebrate someone special in our lives.  The only thing I am against is the Hallmark notion of what Love is supposed to look like.  Or, moreover, how you’re supposed to behave as an example of true love.  I tend to think it is a bit grittier than that, which makes it all the more exciting really.

Anyway – just because  I have the word LOVE in my blog name I am going to post something every day in the spirit of it!  Inspired by Love and all it’s many ways.  Poems, Playlists, Interviews and stories, even food ideas…they’ll all go up, one day at a time for the next 2 weeks, building up to the super, explosive, grand daddy, post on the day…….that sequence kind of sounds familiar no?.

You ready? Oh – and if you feel like you want to share something – email me: lyn.girdler@gmail.com –

Poem ~ David Whyte


There is a faith in loving fiercely
the one who is rightfully yours,
especially if you have waited years
and especially if you never believed
you could deserve this loved
and beckoning hand this way.

I am thinking of faith now,
and the testaments to loneliness
and what we feel we are
worthy of in this world.

Years ago in the Hebrides
I remember an old man
who walked every morning
on the grey stones
to the shore of baying seals,

who would press his hat
to his chest in the blustering
salt wind and say his prayer
to the turbulent Jesus
hidden in the water,

and I think of the story
of the storm and everyone
waking and seeing
the distant
yet familiar figure
far across the water
calling to them,

and how we are all
preparing for that
abrupt waking,
and that calling,
and that moment
we have to say yes,
except it will
not come so grandly,
So biblically,
but  more subtly
and intimitaly in the face
of the one you know
you have to love,

so that when you finally step out of the boat
toward them, we find
everything holds
us, and everything confirms
our courage, and if you wanted
to drown, you could,
but you don’t,

because finally
after all this struggle
and all these years,
you don’t want to any more,
you’ve simply had enough
of drowning,
and you want to live and you
want to love and you will
walk across any territory
and any darkness,
however fluid and however
dangerous, to take the
one hand you know
belongs in yours.

One thought on “14 Days of Love: Day 1 ~ Poem: David Whyte. True Love

  1. I love that poem by David Whyte!!! It makes me cry because it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading all your posts. 🙂

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