14 Days of Love: Day 2 ~ Music, a love soundtrack.

Music, to me, is one of the most life affirming, expressions of love we have in this world.  I am quite certain that there isn’t a culture on this planet who doesn’t use some sort of collection of sound as a way to communicate joy, to translate emotion or simply to wail in the cavernous recesses of loss and heartbreak (which, I believe, is also a form of love).  It covers so many emotions; it’s sexy, it’s deep, it’s angry, it’s gentle, it’s endearing, it’s heartbreaking, it’s sad, it’s happy, it’s moving, it’s funny, it’s ironic, it’s confusing.

In all cultures, music sounds different – the collection of notes are arranged in such a way as to distinguish cultural identity and ritual, not so much different to the way each culture defines, expresses and celebrates love.

Personally, there is nothing more romantic than spending time with my lover, in the company of music.  I don’t have to be next to a lover – I love sharing music with my yoga students, with my best friends and my family.  It is love’s voice.

So, over the course of this 14 day love journey I will pepper in some playlists – music that I find stirs up feelings of intimacy or longing, or wild imaginations of being swept off my feet by the silly men I imagine I date (and have!).  I was going to organize the songs to play consecutively, as a cohesive list but, it’s not going to play out that way.  How you arrange music you like, is up to you.  I’m just going to share.  Make no mistake, there are literally thousands of songs I will leave out, knowingly and unknowingly. I am just staying in the moment with this one and going with what comes up right now.

I’ll add a few little comments to some songs, as to why I think they are love songs.

I absolutely welcome your suggestions.  What are the love songs that turn your heart around?

Don’t mind the church bells before this actual song starts.

They wouldn’t let me embed the original video clip for this song.

Phew, that was hard work….but it’s worth it…..Love is hard work…but it’s usually worth it 😉

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