14 Days of Love: Day 3 ~ Stories

I am captivated by story.  Who isn’t I suppose?  What I love about stories, however, is that they last.  A captivating story holds emotion, weighted by feeling and carries on long after it’s been told.  Your story becomes the story I tell someone which becomes the story they tell someone else which becomes the story that inspires someone somewhere.  Stories float and make a life of their own.

I am a sucker for a good romantic love story, one where fairy tale and life meet.  Where the imaginable turns into life, unimaginable.  Perhaps it has something to do with transitioning from hearing Cinderella love stories as a kid, into a real life teenager of divorced parents.  Cinderella taught me beginnings and life circumstances showed me a type of ending.  A good, real life love story shows you the Cinderella meet-up, the medley of ups and downs, firsts and lasts and almost’s in between, and then a real ending, sometimes fairyt tale like.  Because, let’s face it, all life has to complete a circle.

The same applies for stories of love in friendship and family and in animals.  Any story that is held together by the sanctity of connection and commitment and made stronger by adversity, usually gets my vagus nerve to hold court.

Below are a small selection of love stories I’ve heard, and found on youtube.  Ah, alas – so many I have missed.  So many hundreds and thousands of stories that are floating out there, being made, being told, encouraging others of the promise (and possibility) of loving, and letting love in.  Enjoy and please comment below if you have a love story that you want to share, or a video you want to share.

Heartbreaking Genuine Love

 Lasting Love

Family Love

Destined Love

Modern Day Love

Love in Service

Pure Love

Diverse & Distant Romance


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