14 Days of Love: Day 6 ~ Poem: The Karma Sutra of Kindness, position #3

Even when poetry has a meaning, as it usually has, it may be inadvisable to draw it out… Perfect understanding will sometimes almost extinguish pleasure.  A. E. Housman

Often, I’ve been rendered breathless by a good poem.  As I work my down the elongated, odd arrangement of words I notice nothing else in the world, and I become completely immersed.  Over and over again I can read a good poem and it will never fail to have the same effect it did when I first came across it.  It is often the experience I have when engulfed in the feeling of love.

I don’t always understand, immediately, the meaning of the poem but that’s when I know it is for me.  Like A.E Housman said, perfect understanding will sometimes almost extinguish pleasure.  This is the same way I feel about relationships.

Perfect love doesn’t require meaning and quite often though, when you’re in that state, it’s not until you step out of it that you try to look for meaning.  Or, perhaps rather, it’s when you try to look for the meaning in love is when you’re no longer enjoying it.

The lovely, Sarah McGrath submitted this poem for the 14 Days of Love series.  I think it perfectly describes what it means to be in a romantic relationship that is healthy, gritty, normal and full of love.

The Karma Sutra of Kindness: Position #3
Mary Mackey

It’s easy to love
through a cold spring
when the poles
of the willows
turn green
pollen falls like
a yellow curtain
and the scent of
Paper Whites
the air.

but to love for a lifetime
takes talent

you have to mix yourself
with the strange
beauty of someone
wake each morning
for 72,000
mornings in
a row so
breathed and
bound and
that you can hardly
sort out
your arms

you have to be willing to move through
the way the long
grasses move
in a field
when you careen
blindly toward
the other side

there’s never going to be anything
straight or predictable
about your path
except the
and the springing

you just go on walking for years

hand in hand
waist deep in the weeds
bent slightly forward
like two question
and all the while it

my dear
it burns beautifully above
and goes on
like a relentless

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