14 Days of Love: Day 7: Music

This is the 2nd playlist for this little project. This time, however, all the music has been chosen by readers, and friends. Another wedge in the pie chart of love is sharing.  It’s the smartest thing we can do with each other.  Share what you have, share what you love, share your talent and share your interests.

Not too much verbiage before the music.  Here is the link to the first playlist, perhaps you’ll find love in these songs.

Submitted by Sal & Johnny (not related to each other)

Indigo Girls version for you Johnny

From Elisa

From Ann-Mary Kay

From Katee because it makes her feel loved by entire extended family

From Aubrey

From Caroline

From Johnny

From Sal

From Shay

From Katee

From Elisa

From Peter

From Cat

From Aubrey

For Ann-Mary Kay

Not sure who submitted this

Embedding all the videos was quite the mammoth task so below is a list of other songs that didn’t quite make the video list.

Otis Redding ~ These Arms of Mine
Buddy Holly ~ Words of Love (and Patti Smith’s cover of it)
Rainbow Connection
Jason Mraz ~ Lucky
Nat King Cole ~ Unforgettable
Rob Zombie ~ Pussy Liquor
The Beatles ~ You’ve got to hide your love away
Meatloaf ~ Paradise by the dashboard light
Roger Miller ~ King of the road
Johnny Cash ~ Ring of fire
Etta James ~ At last
Louis Armstrong ~ What a wonderful world
Bob Dylan ~ Girl from North Country
Cyndi Lauper ~ Time after Time
Jack Johnson ~ Upside Down
Michael Franti ~ Hey Hey Hey
John Legend & The Roots ~ Shine
Anything by the Carpenters
Barry White ~ My everything.



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