14 Days of Love: Day 10 ~ Music

It’s Friday, 4 days to go.  If you’re anyone of my 4 dinner guests you’re not going to be able to focus on too many words.  So, I’m going for my last playlist for this series.  The hardest thing with this type of post is not what to include, it’s what not to include.  So, I went with goosebumbs and grinding as my decision maker.  If it gave me goose-bumps or made me grind in my seat – it made it.  It’s all below.

This song is Goose-bumper for sure!  I almost wanted to give it it’s own post.  I was only 8 when this song was released but, by the time I was ripe for new love experiences it had become a classic in Australia.  One of those songs that takes you on an epic journey.  It’s sexy and raw.  I love this version – I love the crowd singing along…I love the guys singing their guts out to this.  Says so much.

Another epic song for me.  It came out when I was in London, shuffling my way through my early 20’s. A time when you need an anthem.  This was mine.  Goose-bumps

Another anthem, but this time about love for family.  This was originally written when his partner had their child.  I chose this video because it is filmed in my home town of Melbourne, Australia.  In the city center.   A place close to my heart.  Goose-bumps.

Goose-bumps and a grinder for me (in the sexiest way)

Nostalgic Goose-bumps.  This reminds me of a long bus trip I took at 18 through the outback.  I had officially cut the apron strings, I was on my way…..to somewhere.

Goose-bumps.  Super simple song.  No other lyrics but I love you.  Says it all.

Jes Hudak is a new, young artist on the scene.  I saw her in New York city many years ago.  She often sings sweet pop melodies…but I love this new project she has going on.  Check her out.  www.jeshudak.com

Grinder, grinder, grinder.  I used to have daydreams of the guy I dated (in the future) singing this to me at Karaoke!


Best song for a guy to strip to.  Just saying.

Love & Light.  Goose-bumps and a grinder.

I never want to move when I hear this song.  I close my eyes and just big, fat tears want to come out.  This is songwriting at it’s most poetic – seek out the english translation.

Do I have to say anything about this?

I love that this could be about anyone in your life.

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