Love Competition: This is what I’m talking about

First of all.  Thanks.  A really big, huge thanks to those of you who read each post on the 14 days of Love post.  It felt like an intense 2 weeks, bringing up lots of thoughts on love and surmising what it might be all about and trying my best at capturing the nuances and experiences of Love.  That was Love feeding itself.

I mentioned in the last post that it felt like Love was  is everywhere.  I woke wake up each morning happier and feeling more alive, like I was truly in Love.  I’m not kidding.  I really was am!  Of course, the minute you take your eye off it, it goes away.  Just like Mitchel said at the end his interview, “if you don’t keep returning to the good things in the person you love, they go away.”  And, so it is, I will commit to re-turn.

And I will commit to share.  So, that said, I recently came across this ‘Love Competition’ (15min video below) where subjects (of different race, age and gender) were placed into an MRI machine and their task was to focus on love for the duration of the scan.  While under surveillance the technicians measured the signals in the brain that go off when we are in love. The person with the most colorful brain scan wins, basically.

Watch for yourself and start the discussion.  There are some great quotes here, but what I wanted to point out was how they felt at the end.  Simply by thinking about all the love in their life they emerged basking in it!  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.  Oh, and I LOVE the 10 year old when asked if he’s ever felt love he responds “not like crush love, but yeah, I have”.

Try it for yourself today.  Think about all the things that you love, all the people that have loved you, who you have loved, all the songs that made you happy, all the good things you’ve done for people, all the good things they’ve done for you.  It’s endless.

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