Jet Lag playlist

I’ve returned stateside from my month long Australian ‘Odyssey’, visiting family and friends.  It was, to say the least, exhausting.  A lot of being in other people’s spaces, with children I didn’t birth, dinners I didn’t cook and wine I might not have chosen to drink (but did anyway – and thankfully I discovered a good friend had developed a penchant for Patron Tequila.)  It’s all good,and I am grateful, but when you spend most of your year/life doing exactly what you want to do, eating exactly what you want to eat, when, with whom and where, it can feel like that moment when you realize you’re on a roller coaster and you can’t get off.  You’ve either gotta go with it, or f*@king scream.  I did both, one while everyone was watching, the other when no-one was (prize goes to the person who guesses correctly!) Read: I am getting older and a little stuck in my ways!

Perhaps another blog post will emerge out of my time away, since I am still working to piece it all together myself.  For now though, since it is 5:03am on a Monday morning and I still have not gotten to sleep and have to be up at 7:30 to teach at 8:30am, with a rather long day ahead of me, my first post back is going to be a playlist.  It’s the only thing that might keep me sane.

A playlist of some of the music I have discovered and/or been listening to a lot of this past month.  In no particular order.

I kind of wish I had put this at the top of the list…Love this voice

So many good songs on this album, had to go for another

Of course I had to put my man. Charles Bradley in here

You won’t be able to help yourself but fall in love with St. Vincent here

2 thoughts on “Jet Lag playlist

  1. Yessss Alabama Shakes is awesome, I’ve been listening to them a lot recently! They’ll be at the Newport folk festival this July! 🙂

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