Super Moon? Super You!

Today, May 5th, is a full moon.  I know, I know, I’m such a cliché being a yoga teacher and writing about the moon!  Believe me.  I am well aware of that.  But, bear with me, it’s not just any full moon – it’s the granddaddy of moons for the year.  The big kahuna!  The biggest one we will see.  Apparently it’s going to be 14% closer to the earth than any other moon.  A fact that means absolutely nothing to me.  I honestly have no idea how that translates into size difference when it comes to an object that lies 384, 403 miles (238, 857 kilometers) away, but, maybe you will.

Wanna talk cliché’s?  The yogi’s are going banana’s over it about now!  Once a month, without fail, women in Lululemon pants are throwing down in down dog waxing lyrical about how connected to the moon they are, how strongly they feel the energy and teachers will, no doubt, feel the need to include half-moon pose in their sequence and use it as a ‘shout-out to the moon’.  WITH OUT FAIL.

I know – I’m one of them.  Well, sort of.  For years, after I would hear such exalted declarations of moon connections and convictions that their connection was the strongest (yes, ego and competition does exist in the yoga world..gasp!), I would honestly feel failed, because, while I have always been struck by the beauty of a full moon I didn’t every really feel any different ‘inside’ – I didn’t shift.  I would worry, did I then not have a connection with the moon?  I would sit and ponder with eyes squinted closed, breathing deeply just hoping to squeeze out a little connection with the moon (hoping to not squeeze anything else out), not really sure what it was all supposed to feel like.  I was waiting for messages to arrive, or a booming voice from the Lunar God about my next move.  I waited for special phone calls, chance meetings, signs or signals to indicate that this was a ‘different’ day.  Something to indeed confirm that this full moon had power to shift and change and this day was special.  I usually got nothing.

All I really felt was immense awe for the beauty of a full moon in that moment your eye catches it and renders you breathless.

And then it hit me.  My connection!  Gratitude  for its beauty.

One of my wise students is an outdoors guy, he tends to gardens and he is very learned in the school of environment and nature.  Naturally he has his eye on the big ball!  We talked about that moment when you catch a glimpse at the moon, particularly a full moon, and it always catches you by surprise.  He said, for years he has followed the moon’s cycle and knows what times it rises and when it will be most prominent in the sky, organizing his evening to catch a glimpse of it.  However, without fail, whenever he does see the moon it was never the moment he planned to and he always stopped by it, almost surprised by it even.

The moon will always be your best surprise.  Like all the best things in your life, if you tap in, you know they’re going to show up you’re just not always privy to when.

Do I still sit and wait for messages?  Yes.  But, I don’t seek them out from the moon anymore.  I get them from inside, I mine from that pool of knowing that sits within me, which I get to tap into while in silence.  Do I now believe I have a connection to the moon?  Yes, but no more than anyone else who appreciates its beauty and no more than I am connected to a beautiful sunset, or sunrise or just the general give of nature’s expression.

If you do want to find significance in this full moon here is a good article about how it relates in Vedic Astrology.  This is the first full moon of the Vedic calendar year and is the moon that will shift unwanted Karma.  It is a moon of abundance READ:  An opportunity to clean yo shit up!  And then hand in your ‘Santa/Karma God’ list of gifts for the year which they’d be happy to adorn you with – if you’ve done the work.

Stories and myths perhaps, but it feeds imagination and your imagination shapes your life. Considering this is also the year of the Dragon, a year for dream making – it’s no coincidence that this moon is related to clearing space for those dreams to show up.

I do think it is significant to spend a day a month, in the light of a wild full moon, contemplating your life.  It keeps you on your toes, and that renders the best view!

Here are 10 tips that might help feed your dreams:

1/. Spend an hour today writing out how you would like the rest of your year to look and feel like.

2/. Take a walk with a good friend in the translucent part of the day when the sun is setting and the moon is rising

3/. Focus on only the things you love in your life, and be grateful for them.

4/. Be with your lover, or your children (preferably both).  Really be with them.

5/. Clear your day of tasks and just do only the things you love to do.

6/. Apologize for that thing that keeps popping up in your thoughts late at night

7/. Recognize someone for something they don’t think you see.

8/. Find yourself responsible for everything in your life.  Not guilty!

9/. Be kind to someone that frustrates you the most.

10/. Do one thing today that will make you feel the most achieved (usually the thing you’ve been putting off; a class you keep meaning to sign up to, a letter you really wanted to write, that business plan you know you would feel good about finishing).  It may be the game changer.

p.s. I have consciously NOT included a youtube video of When the Moon hits your eye by Dean Martin!  I am trying to rid myself of cliché karma.  

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