You’re going to be found out.

I have come to discover that we can’t actually hide.  Anywhere.  At least forever.

I recently had a conversation with a woman who had discovered communication between her husband and another woman.  Over the years, I have heard these stories time and time again.  A cell phone bill, a credit card bill, a friend spilling the beans, a gut instinct, a little snooping – whatever the catalyst for truth.  It’s going to come out.  It amazes me, time and time again, when I see politicians and celebrities and figures who have some sort of public recognition in the media with their dirty little secrets being hung out to dry!  Seriously, get this people: You’re gonna be found out!  Whether immediately, shortly after or when you’re on your death bed.  The truth penetrates.  It’s the superman of virtues.

So, if you’re doing something shitty, it’s only a matter of time before your dirty knickers are on the line (pun intended).

That’s the bad news.

The good news?  This is also the case for your brilliance.  I am coming across too many people who have excuses for keeping it under wraps.  Keep hiding it and it’s only a matter of time before it’s discovered, maybe while you’re young, maybe when you’re middle aged and for some,  if you do a good enough job of hiding it, when you’re dead and buried.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but there are also plenty of people who want to help you find it and promote it.  Seek them out.

So, decide.  When do you want to shine?  When do you want to stop being stingy with what you’ve got to give?  Holding back your brilliance, your great idea, your talent, your abilities and your spirit is like holding on to a cure for a disease.  Someone needs what you’ve got to give.

Someone needs your organic face creams, your natural teas, your new technology, your singing voice, your writing, your teaching, your stitching, your mechanical abilities, your attention to detail, your ability to pull shit together, your ability to listen or speak loudly, your clothing line, your fabric line, your cooking skills.  Whatever it is you seem to be doing a lot of, and loving, someone needs you to help them do it better.

Here’s the thing.  Somebody probably already knows you’re brilliant!  They’re just waiting for you to know it too.

Mark my word.  You’re going to be discovered, trust that.  Whether it be in this life time, or long after you’re gone.  However, it would be nice to see your clean underwear hanging out there.  To be honest.

6 thoughts on “You’re going to be found out.

  1. What a nice post! I love the reminder that when you’re stuck in that shitty self-doubt zone that holding back on your brilliance is just plain stingy. It’s not just about you. Thanks Lyn!

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