Game changers.

Game-changer: a person, an idea or an event that completely changes the way a situation develops

Game changer is my new ‘word.’  If you’re in my circle of friends you might hear me say “that could be your game changer” or “those shoes?  Game changer!”

It basically keeps you engaged and actionable (sorry, hate that word too!) in your life because, without one, it’s easy to stay committed to your misery.  A game changer is basically a condensed version of the ‘if you keep you thinking the same way, you’ll get the same results’ adage.  In other words, if you’re complaining about something – you need a game changer.

It’s your sliding doors moment and it can be something simple like trying a new grocery store – the one an extra mile away, or more obvious and complicated like quitting your job and taking a life sabbatical.

A few years ago, after a 7 year waiting period, I received my green card.  The wait, however, was painful and exhausting and all-consuming.  Close to the end, I became slightly obsessed with research and working to find out all that I could in the hopes that I might find the answer to speed up the process.  My days went like this: wake up, check email, INS website, green card chat rooms, shower, go to work, check email, INS website, green card chat rooms, do my work, google things related to ‘green-card’, go for a walk at the beginning of my lunch break to return and eat my lunch at my desk and check INS website, green card chat rooms and google anything related to green card.  You get the drift.  I, of course, thought my research was helping me and informing me but it was actually hindering me and worse – I was stressed to the point of physical pain.

At the beginning of 2008, my first day back at work for the new year I decided I needed a new tactic.  “Where could I create more joy in my day?” was my question.  I knew I needed down time so I decided that I would give myself only one 1/2 hour time slot for green card each day.  I would also sit quietly, away from my computer to eat, and enjoy my lunch each day.  That was my game changer.  Sounds simple right?  But try telling that to someone who is so justified in their stress.  So, guess what happened that first day?  As I sat and ate my lunch away from my desk, feeling relaxed, I heard my little ’email’ notification pinging away on occasion and decided that it could all wait until I had my break.  I returned to my desk and, you guessed it.  I got my greed card.

A game changer is a change of habit.  We all have them, from the time we wake up, to what and where we eat breakfast, to the same newspaper section or online pages we check, to the route we take to work (or not) to the type of shops we go in, the yoga classes we take, the teacher we only listen to, the genre of music we listen to and books we read.  For some, we keep a hairstyle, a clothing style, a pair of earrings, a perfume…..we’ve all had the experience of people noticing when we change these things.  If you’re going through a break-up and, after a reasonable amount of time for grief, you still can’t get over it – you need a game changer.  Same thing if you’re looking for a partner, maybe you need a game changer in your technique, or attitude.

For someone like me, who is somewhat stubborn and intelligent enough to justify why things weren’t working out the way I wanted them to, I hired a life coach.  I get a serious game-changing ass kick every month and every time, I get results that change my life course (in fact, I might just go ahead and drop the ‘life coach’ title – it feels diluted at the moment with all the ‘life coaching’ out there…it’s kinda the new yoga teaching.  I might just call her my game changer!)

I think you get the drift.  Don’t make it complicated, it’s just going to give you a different perspective – or view – and that’s what changes the game.

p.s. If you like this, please share – that would totally be my game changer!


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