Modern Love feature in NY Times.

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is to sit with a coffee and read the NY Times.  It’s the bulkiest paper of the week, chock full of articles and stories and features and images.  I love Bill Cunningham’s On the Street; a quick morsel of real life fashion and style from the street’s of NY.  He has been capturing candid street style for more than 40 years, I would highly recommend watching the documentary made of him.

Quintessential Bill Cunningham

But that only takes a few minutes of my newspaper read.  What I look forward to most is the Modern Love feature.  Each Sunday there is a submission by a regular, writer (not employed by the NY Times) about their trials through Love.  And you know how much I love to think about that topic!  What I find the most attractive about this column is the diversity of writing styles and, of course, the window into all the many real life relationships I get to peak into.  This includes the trials and tribulations and, sometimes, observations that come along with it.  While I enjoy the writing and the storytelling, each week I am reminded that there is no right way nor is there a formula for real, modern love.  From spousal sex changes, to long distance heart-break, to first love reunions and many other stories, I devour each article with the same slow, appreciative sips I usually reserve for my only coffee of the day.

This week’s article was  no different.  I thought it appropriate to share, based on my last post about game-changers.  I suppose my theme is often about looking at things in a different light.  Sometimes we can be so myopic about our own life-story, even when it involves another person, that we forget to look at another’s side.  Again, it’s so easy to justify our misery, or our wounds and what people ‘did to us’ that we fail to acknowledge that we had, and continue to have, a role in the way things play out.

Check out the article – I think you’ll know what I am talking about.

A visit, and what really happened.

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