Poem: My Religion ~ Judy Clement Wall

I read this poem in class the other day.  I am still getting students asking for it, so I wanted to share.

Some experiences in life exponentially gift us long after the point the of contact and while I was in Australia, having my own personal life experience, I was looking for ways to consume myself in something good rather than the engaging the petulance of my worried mind.

I found Judy Clement Wall.  She writes on her blog A Human Thing about Love, and I was drawn to it initially because of her Fearless Love project; a year of loving fearlessly.  Naturally, since I had engaged in my mere 14 days of Love I wanted to read what experience she had, so I downloaded her ebook.  From the moment I opened it I didn’t stop reading and this poem was embedded, right smack in the center.  I knew it would speak to so many.  So, I am sharing it globally and I would encourage anyone, for the price of 2 coffees!, to download her ebook.

My religion
doesn’t involve a church or a minister or a pulpit;
it’s practiced under a roof of sky,
whispered by the wind,
preached by birds and crickets and rivers and toads.
My religion
isn’t written in scripture;
it’s written in the hearts of lovers
and parents
and artists
and everyone who,
broken from the weight of too many endings,
gets back up to love again.
My religion
lies at the point of contact,
where feet meet earth,
where inhale meets exhale,
where your infinitely breakable heart meets mine.
My religion
isn’t big on words like sin and wrong and perfect;
it’s big on honesty, vulnerability, messiness… awe.
The followers of my religion
are badass, open-hearted, hippie warriors of love,
who know that you don’t dance to get somewhere
or sing to reach the end of the song.
We sing and dance to reach what is
divine in all of us.
In love,
we are each other’s salvation.

4 thoughts on “Poem: My Religion ~ Judy Clement Wall

  1. I really enjoyed your class the other day! It was awesome. The song you played for savasana reminded me of an artist that goes by the name Eluvium. There are few pieces I use when I teach that are so similar in feel, yet so relaxing, you could easily fall asleep to them. I meant to mention it to you on Sunday, but forgot. If you haven’t heard of this artist, I hope you’ll check it out. 🙂 Best! – Kristen

  2. Hello, Lyn. I’m so humbled and blown away by your response to the essays and to “My Religion” which may be the only thing since I was a teenager I dared to call a poem. Thank you so much. (I want to hire you as my publicist!) xo

    • Judy, thank you for your humility then. Your words are clearly relevant to our community and, when I see something that moves me, I want to share. So, it’s a pleasure. I’d be happy to be your publicist!

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