Playlist: 6:15pm open class 7/25

This playlist I called “A drum beats”.  I don’t know why I called it that – I mean there’s a heavy bass line throughout this list but, it’s not from the sound of a lot of drums.  I often name my playlist’s based on the first sentence that pops into my head as soon as I hit ‘create a playlist’.  Hence, I have playlist names like ‘Abundant Moon’, ‘Emotional Retard’, ‘It’s a flawed argument’, ‘soul breathing’ and ‘PMS’d off’

Anyway, here is my ‘A drum beats’ playlist bought to you because Maryellen, a really devoted and committed yogi, made a point to compliment me on it.  So this, really, is to celebrate her and for her commitment to her practice and to showing up for herself over and over again.

And she has a kick arse back bend and rock-solid relationship with her family.

No Sand in my lipbalm ~ Moqita

La Femme Parallel (feat LouLou) ~ Thievery Corporation

Le Booty Cinematique ~ J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Om Lounge

(I had a hard time finding an official version of this song on you tube, so I am using a commercial it is in)

3am ~ Naked Music NYC

Love is Everything ~ Naked Music NYC

Mouthful of Diamonds ~ Phantogram

Final Home ~ DJ Crush (feat Esthero)

Only You ~ Portishead

All I Need ~ Air

Lotus Flower ~ Radiohead

The End (kopfhorer Chill Remix) ~ Tube-tich

Eg Anda ~ Sigur Ros

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