An attempt to inspire (myself)

It’s a full moon tomorrow.  I like that it’s happening at the beginning of the month.  Something about that makes me feel like August has a proper start, a signal of prosperity or just something to measure its sequential days.

It feels like something, at least.

I’ve been struggling to write or produce anything that I’m truly happy with lately. Creatively, I’m stifled.  Bored with my own self.  Ironic, since I’m always banging on about finding our own greatness.  Truth is, I’m not convinced right now that life is all that great.  It feels mostly like one big run around the park, no stopping, no swing set, no bird watching.  Just run past, take a quick glance and then end up where you started.

So, in an attempt to inspire myself, once again, I’m taking on Susannah Conway’s The August Break project.  Basically, I’m going to post a photo a day.  I don’t usually do these type of things;  joining mass groups for public displays of inspirational process.  So, because I feel completely ridiculous and a stereotype doing this, I am going to do it.

I realize that the project isn’t about the photo one takes, it’s really about the practice of looking and seeking – and that’s truly where inspiration comes from.

So, this is my attempt ( just posted my first pictures on here)

For those of you who get an update on any blog post that happens, I apologize now.

2 thoughts on “An attempt to inspire (myself)

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