A new web home

It is timely that I move ‘grades’ or ‘homes’ at this time of year.  It is, after all, (at least in North America) the time of transition from summer to fall and vacation to school or work.

If you’ve been a loyal follower here on this wordpress blog site you will find yourself faced with a whole new visual.  I’ve moved myself to a custom website.  The address is the same www.loveyourselfnaturally.com.

This also means that, if you’re signed up to get notifications that a post has been published, you will no longer get those.  I’m moving to a newsletter format that I might send out weekly.  Probably not more than that though – and quite possibly less than that.

There is a space on the front page where you can sign up to get these newsletters – I’ve also written a free little ebook on having a business you love – all the the things that I practice to keep me afloat and living a life completely sustained by earning my own income. You might find it useful (particularly if you work in a service based business).

You can also join the facebook page – if you don’t want to get newsletters.  I will always post the blogs here and any other information I find.  Twitter is very good for this too!

All the content on here will remain.  But it’s also been moved over to the new place.

I worked with the very talented Loren DePalma of www.lorendepalma.com for most of the design work and www.revive-creative.com for web development and some design too.  Amazing people.

So, come on over to www.loveyourselfnaturally.com – the party is a lot more lively over there!

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