Here I will link to books and websites that have helped me, and people/practitioners that I recommend from personal experience.

I will always be honest.


The Sweet Beet – I love this blog.  Featured frequently on the Huffington Post, she is really creative and passionate about food.  Good, healthy food. There is just a lot of intelligent information about why you should eat what you do, and why it’s good to use certain ingredients.


Saraswatis Yoga Joint – my beloved school.  It is where I practice and teach and learn and cry and integrate and adjust in life.  This is one of the best yoga studios in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  With world class teachers and real, honest people it’s yoga that you can relate too.  It gets you sweaty, it makes you think, it winds you up, it winds you down.  It is all about living freely in our world of boundaries.

More information on SAVASANA.


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